Assessing employer’s needs

Catra is registered employer’s association that represents, protects and promotes the interests of
employers and their employees. It provides services and benefits to it’s members and also strives
to foster harmonious relationships between members and their employees through the process of
conciliation and dialogue.
As the oldest and largest representative association, Catra continues to play a role in making re-
commendation on the various acts promulgated by government. It also continues to work with the
various bodies pertinent to employers.


CATRA, in collaboration with the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) of the University of South
Africa (Unisa), is conducting a UIF awareness study.  The aim of the study is to indicate the grea-
test challenges experienced with the
UIF in the Hospitality Industry.

We therefore urge you to take a few minutes of your time to complete the attached questionnaire.
Please note that all information gathered will be treated as strictly confidential.

Should you have any query, you may direct your questions to Ms Moshoeu at (012) 4293024 or
email her at


We have launched a fact finding initiative to determine the needs and requirements to the various
employers – pertinent to various legislation and in particular wage negotiations. Employers by now
should be aware that they have to deal with Basic Conditions of Employment, collective agreements,
sectorial determination as well as other various legislations you should comply with.
This often leaves employers overwhelmed and in dire need of assistance. Maybe the reason our
office has been inundated with calls over the last couple of weeks, employers wanting to know what
we do; and how we can assist them.
The aim of this fact finding exercise is therefore to determine the employer’s expectations from the
association. In other words, how can we help you?
Let us know how Catra can assist and be beneficial to employers.

Help us to help you by filling the following information, focusing on your expectations:


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