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Our mission
Catra’s role in South Africa’s ever changing political, social and economical scenario is becoming a crucial one. It has therefore embarked on an aggressive campaign of representation to all levels of government.

Why subscribe?
Catra – strength in numbers
Running a business in South Africa has become a minefield over the last decade. New laws and by-laws, and how they should be implemented, bring about a general confusion in the workplace. As an employer you don’t always know where you stand as far as your workers are concerned.
Labour relations have become an increasingly specialised field that requires knowledge and dedication from the employer. It is thus in the best interest of every employer in South Africa to join an employer’s organisation. Without such expertise behind him, and employer could very well find himself on unfamiliar and dangerous territory, which could result in huge financial losses.

Why Catra?
In its capacity as one of the oldest and largest representative associations in South Africa, Catra makes representations on behalf of its members, bringing with it centuries of expertise and knowledge.

Catra is a registered employer’s association that cares for its members.
By joining:

  1. Your interests and representation are duly provided for at the negotiating forum;
  2. The particular needs of your business are represented and provided for at the negotiating forum;
  3. You are given guidelines with regard to disciplinary hearings, counseling sessions and consultations in the case of retrenchments or the restructuring of your operation.
  4. Training sessions – like workshops that deal with the different acts and the improvement of customer services.
  5. You will have access to a team of experts to assist with:

* labour disputes:
* disciplinary hearings;
* representation at the various bodies;
* training of employers and employees:
* human resources’ operational manuals;
* human resources’ policies and procedures; and
* policies on disciplinary enquiries.

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