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Over the last decade, the South African Industrial Relations field has become more complex. Labour legislation is one of the biggest challenges employers and managers face. As legislation is never a constant, you the employer, are required to adapt your policies in the way that you deal with disputes in order to comply with the legislation and the precedents set by the Courts. It is estimated that employers spend R2bn a year on damages, awards and legal fees for unfair dismissals alone.
CATRA, in order to assist its members to be compliant with, and to deal effectively with labour disputes, so that employers can focus on generating income, rather than labour disputes, has appointed Mr. Jimmy Michaelides to establish and monitor the Dispute Resolution HELPDESK.

Mr. Jimmy Michaelides and his team of experts, with many years of experience, has developed training programmes, policies and procedures to guide and help CATRA members, to protect their business and ensure that they are compliant with current legislation in order to avoid litigation. Our HELPDESK will guide members and assist them every step of the way with Hearings, Disputes, Conciliations, Mediation and Arbitration. The service we offer is designed to help you, the employer, enhance productivity, competitiveness and promote a harmonious employer/employee relationship within your workplace.
Prior to embarking on any action which may give rise to a dispute, contact CATRA’s HELPDESK directly in order to ensure that members are given proper guidance. CATRA’s HELPDESK will not be responsible for any information not provided by the HELPDESK.

CATRA members, who have paid their annual membership fee, will receive FREE telephonic guidance and assistance from the HELPDESK.
Employers, who do not have time to be burdened with workplace discipline, for a retainer fee of R300-00 per month, will receive the following:

R1500.00 for the first 2 hours, thereafter R700.00 per hour,

R1500.00 for the first 2 hours, thereafter R700.00 per hour,

R1500.00 for the first 2 hours, thereafter R700.00 per hour,

R2000.00 for the first 2 hours, thereafter R750.00 per hour

R2000.00 for the first 2 hours, thereafter R R750.00 per hour

R2000.00 for the first 2 hours, thereafter R750 per hour,

The above rates are not inclusive of travel or accommodation. Travel is per AA rates.

For further enquires, kindly contact CATRA on 011 672 – 3440 / 011 672 5337
CATRA’S HELPDESK on 011 472 6770 / 011 672 7622 or Mr. Jimmy Michaelides on 082 902 2261

New Amendments to Collective Agreement Download

The New Collective Agreement for the Bargaining Council for the Restaurant, Catering and Allied Trades has been promulgated. The Agreement has been re-enacted, amended and extended to non-parties in Government Gazette No. 34671, Vol. No. 849, Reg. No 9601.
Compliance is imperative to avoid disputes and penalties. A copy of the Government Gazette is attached hereto for ease of reference. As there was a delay in the promulgation thereof, the period of the agreement ends on 31 August 2014. Government Gazette 2 March 2012

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